I make site-sensitive installations that are generated through physical activity and material investigation. Spending time connecting with a space informs the work. I often begin a piece by cleaning the floor and taking measurements as a way of orienting myself; paying attention to the thoughts generated through these activities.

I work with familiar objects from everyday life, such as curtains, salt and pepper shakers, newspapers, chewed gum, a chair, a dress for the stories they can reveal and the histories they contain. I use a light touch, setting up a series of relationships or phrases instead of statements or declarations.

The experience of being a woman informs much of my work, as does being reared in a family where violence and chaos was an ordinary part of life. The residue of experience shows up in my installations as a blurred line between interior and exterior, decorative and utilitarian. Objects push into the walls, becoming trapped and also emerge into the space, beauty and discomfort merge and exist in the same place. My work operates in a space of disorientation, prolonging the moment before the eye and the mind can adjust to alterations that have been made to the environment.